3 Reasons You Should Shave Your Face

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Shaving your face is only for guys right? Wrong! It can actually be really beneficial for women as well. Instead of continuing to buy expensive exfoliants, you can use a razor to get the same if not better results. I began doing this once a week about a year ago and I can say it has made a big difference in my skin. Here are 3 reasons you should start to shave your face.

  1. The razor acts as an exfoliant. I have used some excellent exfoliants over the years that I really loved. I absolutely love products and am always eager to try anything new. Over time, I realized how much money I was spending. When times were tough, I just couldn’t afford to keep buying expensive products. One thing most women always have on hand is a razor. Shaving your face will remove dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin, which is the same thing that your expensive exfoliant is doing.
  2. It helps products absorb better in the skin. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, this will allow your products to absorb much better into the skin. It also makes your skin much smoother to the touch. After I started to shave my face, I really noticed my products were working even better than before and how much smoother my face felt. Especially when it came to toners and moisturizers, there was a huge difference in product absorption. My make up also looked better than before.
  3. It helps control unwanted facial hair. It seems that by the time most women reach their 30’s, facial hair starts to become an unwanted battle. This is mainly due to hormonal changes, however some nationalities of women seem to struggle with excess and unwanted facial hair more than others. For me, being half Spanish, I have always had issues with excess hair and what seems like constant grooming. Since I started shaving my face, it gets rid of all the facial hair I don’t want, especially the peach fuzz on my lower cheeks and chin. It also helps with the excess hair around my eyebrows.

Please be careful if you decide to shave your face. If you are using a regular size razor, it’s really easy to accidently shave off your eyebrow! There are small facial razors you can purchase at any drug store or beauty supply store that are great for those small areas like between the brows and around the mouth. I highly recommend shaving your face to see what results you get. I think you will be surprised.

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