Why is Kim Kardashian Such A Fashion And Beauty Trendsetter?


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Say what you want about Kim Kardashian. Whether you like her or not, she has become a fashion and beauty icon who has set today’s current trends. Just go on Instagram and look at pictures of fashion and make up. Everyone looks the same (like Kim): full lips, long, straight dark hair parted down the middle and curvy figures are embraced and accepted more than ever before. So why do so many people look up to Kim Kardashian and want to be like her? What is it about her that is so influential and desired to so many people?

Her Reality Show

Recently celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s has evolved like no other reality show. Let’s take a step back a minute. The Kardashians have been a well-known family in L.A. for years, especially because of their father Robert being a high profile attorney. When the show started in 2007, it revolved around Kim and her siblings, who¬†weren’t really that well-known¬†at the time.¬†If you watch the show, you get to witness everything about their life: their¬†family, friends,¬†businesses, beauty makeovers, vacations, etc. It gives you a better understanding of their personal styles and you can see how they are so influential. I will watch re-runs for hours and find¬†the show¬†interesting, humorous and just plain fun to watch.

Kardashian Empire

Whether you like Kim or not, there is no denying the empire she has built. When her make up line KKW Beauty launched in June, she made approximately 14 million dollars in about 2 hours! I think that is beyond amazing! Her siblings have built empires for themselves as well. Each sister is independent, hard working and extremely motivated. I think they each have something unique to offer and are each an influencer in their own way.  In one episode of the show, Khloe talked about how they really owe their career success to Kim. You can consider Kim the gateway that helped her sisters become noticed and famous. She has provided them the opportunity to become successful which has helped them build their own empires. Together, they are an enormous force and that should be acknowledged whether you are a fan of them or not. I have great respect for anyone who works hard in achieving their goals and dreams.

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