3 Reasons You Should Have Stitch Fix Styling Service

As time goes by, it seems that physically going to a store to shop and buy clothes is happening much less. With online shopping sky rocketing and our lives and schedules becoming busier and more hectic, it’s more difficult to make time to get out to a retail store. If you are someone who loves fashionable clothes and are too busy to shop for them, Stitch Fix styling service could be just what you need and here’s why…

  1. Convenience. Life continues to get busier and it’s hard to find time to do things for ourselves, even something as simple as buying a new piece of clothing. With Stitch Fix styling service, you don’t have to make time to go out and shop. The shopping is handled for you based on the style preferences you indicate. Clothing items will be shipped to you free of charge. I don’t think it gets more convenient than that!
  2. Fashionable Clothing. For those who feel they are not great at picking out clothing that is fashionable or trendy, you don’t have to worry. All clothing you receive will be current styles and trends so you can be confident that you will fit right in with what ever you are wearing. You won’t have to spend time trying to put outfits together or worry about how your clothes look on you.
  3. Personal Stylist. If you have always wanted to have a personal stylist, here is your chance! You will be assigned a stylist who will assemble your “fix” based on your style profile. Be as detailed as possible when you complete your profile so your stylist will have a good understanding about your lifestyle, personal style and fashion preferences. You will receive 5 items of clothing per “fix”.

You’re probably wondering how much all this will cost you! Stitch Fix charges a non-refundable styling fee of $20 for each “fix”. You choose how often you want deliveries. This fee will be credited toward any item from your shipment you decide to keep. Items in the shipment will vary in price and according to the Stitch Fix website, average around $55 per item. You can indicate how much you are willing to spend in your style profile. If you choose to buy all 5 items in your shipment, they will give you 25% off your total purchase. Depending on your lifestyle and how much you are willing to spend on clothing, Stitch Fix can be a great option for you. If you are interested in trying the service out, just click on the photo below!

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