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After several years in the beauty industry, I still learn of new make up brands I didn’t know about. Most brands are big on marketing and have large campaigns (especially department store brands). The majority of companies think the more exposure the better and do everything they can to promote their products. There is one brand that is different in this aspect and it may be a brand you have never heard of: Glo Skin Beauty (formerly Glo Minerals).

When I first entered the beauty industry, I hadn’t heard of Glo Skin Beauty before and I found many others hadn’t either. The brand is more familiar to people in the industry, so the average person may not be aware or have access to their products. I was able to attend a few training sessions with Glo reps as a student and was able to learn and understand more about the brand and why so many people have not heard of them.

Glo Skin Beauty is a skin care and mineral make up brand which uses antioxidants and natural ingredients to treat and improve the skin. They have products for many skin concerns such as anti-aging, acne, sensitive skin and many others. Glo Skin Beauty puts a high value on their research and that is where they choose to invest a great deal of time and money. Many other brands are spending thousands on marketing campaigns and don’t focus as much on their research. Glo Skin Beauty feels that research is the most important thing to spend money on and that is what they do.

So how do people know about Glo Skin Beauty if they don’t advertise? How do they stay in business? Those were the questions asked the most in the training sessions I attended.  If you see a Glo Skin Beauty product mentioned in a publication, for example, it’s because a person (possibly a celebrity) or the publication decided to talk about it. It’s not a paid ad from the company.  Their products are carried in salons, spas, doctor offices and are promoted in publications, blogs, etc. The brand has built a large and loyal customer base from this approach. Personally, I have used Glo Skin Beauty for 5 years and have been pleased with the results. They have a diverse selection of products and have something for everyone. I highly recommend their skin care and make up!

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