What You Can Do Right Now To Look Younger

We all want to look younger, at least the majority of us do. When it comes to looking younger, it’s been my experience a helpful thing to do is highlight. Not just your hair, but your face when applying make up. Ever since I started highlighting my hair over 10 years ago, I’ve had so many compliments on how much younger I look. I can say the same for others I know who highlight their hair. It really does take years off. Personally, I just do partial highlights in the front because I like the way they look against my face. For the face, there are certain areas you want to highlight. You can do all or some each time you apply your make up. There are all kinds of highlight kits, powders and sticks out there these days. Two great things to use are a powder and white eyeliner pencil. Use powder in the larger areas such as cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and an eyeliner pencil in smaller areas like cupid’s bow, inner corner of the eyes and below the eyebrow. You don’t have to highlight every area each time you do your make up. It’s all about the look you are going for and what you feel looks best on you.

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