The Foundation That Really Treats And Clears Up Your Skin

We are used to hearing how we should treat our skin at night before we go to bed. Yes, the night is the best time to treat the skin, as our bodies are in a cleansing state and skin care products can work to their full potential. What about treating the skin during the day? Sometimes it seems we are so focused on our nightly routine that our daily routine is often overlooked. Most of us have on some kind of make up during the day. I often hear women saying how their make up causes breakouts, oiliness and doesn’t last all day. Of course, the results you get throughout the day will have to do with the product you are using and if you are using it as directed. A lightbulb went on for me recently when I was reading about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Liquid Foundation. The reviews I read were so positive and focused on how long the product lasts and how it improves oily skin and acne. I had to try this product for myself since I struggle with both of these things daily. I have been so impressed with this product. It lasts the full 12 hours it says it does, greatly helps with my oiliness and has improved my breakouts. Clay is great for balancing oil in the skin and is often used in masks and acne products. Why just use it an night? Why not have it on your skin all day as a foundation? Treating your skin during the day is just as important as it is at night and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Liquid Foundation can definitely help. It runs around $39 whether purchased from Tarte, Ulta or Sephora. For those of you who prefer a stick foundation, they have recently launched the Amazonian Clay Stick Foundations. What do you do to help treat your skin during the day?

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