3 Things That Help With Naturally Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair like me, chances are you aren’t crazy about it and struggle with the daily challenge of straightening it, or just getting it into a decent hair style. This time of year, it’s even more of a struggle because of the Summer humidity. There are some products and tools you can use to help in dealing with curly hair, as well as some salon treatments that can be done.

Use a flat iron. I have tried several flat irons over the years, including many cheap ones ( I won’t name brands), but I must say the more expensive, the better results you will get. When it comes to flat irons, you do get what you pay for. I first purchased the Chi iron about 10 years ago from a local salon. It is what they used to straighten my hair and was the first time my hair ever got really straight from a flat iron. I’m on my 3rd Chi iron now (by choice) and I must say they have become even better over the years as well as cheaper. The first one I bought was around $200 and now they can be found for as low as $50-$75.  Using an oil such as argon or coconut oil from mid-length to ends while straightening your hair will help to condition it and add softness.

Get a keratin treatment. There are several keratin treatments out there including the Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout. Both of these treatments add keratin to the hair which helps improve the health of the hair as well as tames frizz and adds shine. Personally, I have had the Keratin Complex done a few times. It did help tame my frizz quite a bit. I did still have to use my flat iron to get my hair as straight as I like for it to be. It lasted a few months and then  gradually faded off my hair. I’ve yet to try the Brazilian Blowout, but would like to at some point. I have heard good things about it. Keratin treatments can average around $100 to $150 depending on the length of your hair and thickness.

Get a relaxer. I’m kind of programmed to feel a little fear when it comes to relaxers from my Cosmetology school days. The main difference in relaxers and keratin treatments is that relaxers are more damaging to the hair and have to grow off. With that being said, you will get the best results with straight hair doing a relaxer. Relaxers are used a lot on ethnic hair and greatly help in straightening hair that is unmanageable and extremely curly. I haven’t had a relaxer done before, but the thought has crossed my mind. Sodium Hydroxide is a popular relaxer used for these treatments, but can be very damaging to the hair. A newer type of relaxer, Japanese Straightening, is not quite as damaging. A friend of mine who had very curly hair had this relaxer done and she was really pleased with the results. Before doing a relaxer, a stylist will do a consultation with you and it’s extremely important to let them know your history of hair color, highlights and any other types of chemical treatments you’ve had in the past. Relaxers can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s important to choose the right one for you and even more important to find a great stylist to do it.

Here are some links if you are interested in finding out more information about some of these treatments.

Brazilian Blowout
Keratin Complex
step up your hair game today

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Launch


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Source: KKW Beauty Instagram

Kim Kardashian is once again adding to her empire by launching her own make up line, KKW Beauty. The beauty brand goes live today, 6/21/17. The first product being launched is the Crème Contour and Highlight Kit.  According to KKW Beauty’s Instagram, the kit comes in 4 shades: light, medium, dark and deep dark. The post also mentions each kit comes with a dual-ended contour stick, 2 highlight shades (one matte and one shimmer) as well as a dual-ended blending tool. Kim mentions in an Instagram post that the kits will be priced at $48 each. Some may wonder if Kim’s beauty line will be more or less successful than her sister’s, Kylie Cosmetics. Known for her contouring/highlighting/concealing, Kim’s products seem to be more skin focused, while Kylie’s are more lip and eye focused. I think these kits would work well with any skin tone and I like the option of having a matte and shimmer highlight. I am so excited about the launch of KKW Beauty and can’t wait to try the Contour and Highlight Kit for myself!


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Huda Beauty Lip Strobes Launch

Source: Huda Beauty Instagram

Mark your calendars for the release of the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes on 6/22/17! It seems Huda Kattan can do no wrong, as once again she is launching an amazing product! If you follow her on social media, you have noticed all the hype and excitement about these lip glosses! Fitting right in with the Unicorn Beauty trend, these glosses do not disappoint! According to Huda’s Instagram, the 12 metallic glosses are in a dewy base and can be worn glossy or matte.  It seems these glosses will be very hydrating to the lips. There is a color for everyone with every type of skin tone. They can be worn daily to work, or for a night out on the town. Huda has covered all bases with these glosses and made them extremely versatile. I have yet to come across a price for these, but it looks like they will be sold individually. I am a HUGE fan of Huda Kattan and think she is so inspirational. She is a savvy business woman who continues to be innovative and creative. She is also a talented make up artist and beauty blogger.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Launch

Source: YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

After two years in the making, Jaclyn Hill is finally releasing her much anticipated Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette on 6/21/17! According to her YouTube channel, it will be available via the Morphe website and store. Coupon codes do apply to this palette, including “JACATTACK”. Priced at $38 for 35 eyeshadows, this is a deal you can’t pass up and can be a great way to add to your make up collection! Jaclyn mentions in her YouTube video promoting the palette that she really put in a lot of time and detail working back and forth with Morphe and the lab.  She even mentions the lab used new machines to make these eyeshadows. The colors are extremely pigmented, which makes them really pop! Jaclyn dedicates this palette to her subscribers, which makes it evident how much they mean to her. As a follower of Jaclyn, I really like that she is real and is always herself. She is such an individual doing her own thing. She is funny, creative and hard working. I strongly encourage you to watch the YouTube video above of her discussing the palette creation process and doing the swatching. It is so genuine and it’s obvious how over the moon she is about this palette! Congrats to Jaclyn Hill!


Don’t Forget To Protect Your Skin This Summer!

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Now that Summer is here, don’t forget to protect your skin! Sunscreen is so important in the fight against skin cancer, sunburn as well as anti-aging. There are so many sunscreens out there. I recommend to use one that is at least SPF 30, but it’s best to use SPF 50 if possible. Most foundation these days has sunscreen in it, usually SPF 15 or 20. Sunscreen is also included in many concealers, bronzer and blushes. If you see the ingredients titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide listed, you know you have some protection in your make up. This does help when you are out in the sun and don’t have any sunscreen with you. Protecting your lips is also important. It’s good to use a lip balm, preferably one with SPF in it. This will keep them moisturized and help reduce the chances of sunburn. Hats and sunglasses are also important for protecting your eyes. Some sunglasses are better than others, but anything is better than nothing. Next time you decide to hit the beach, pool, or if you will just be in the sun around your home don’t forget to protect your skin!

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The Foundation That Really Treats And Clears Up Your Skin

We are used to hearing how we should treat our skin at night before we go to bed. Yes, the night is the best time to treat the skin, as our bodies are in a cleansing state and skin care products can work to their full potential. What about treating the skin during the day? Sometimes it seems we are so focused on our nightly routine that our daily routine is often overlooked. Most of us have on some kind of make up during the day. I often hear women saying how their make up causes breakouts, oiliness and doesn’t last all day. Of course, the results you get throughout the day will have to do with the product you are using and if you are using it as directed. A lightbulb went on for me recently when I was reading about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Liquid Foundation. The reviews I read were so positive and focused on how long the product lasts and how it improves oily skin and acne. I had to try this product for myself since I struggle with both of these things daily. I have been so impressed with this product. It lasts the full 12 hours it says it does, greatly helps with my oiliness and has improved my breakouts. Clay is great for balancing oil in the skin and is often used in masks and acne products. Why just use it an night? Why not have it on your skin all day as a foundation? Treating your skin during the day is just as important as it is at night and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Liquid Foundation can definitely help. It runs around $39 whether purchased from Tarte, Ulta or Sephora. For those of you who prefer a stick foundation, they have recently launched the Amazonian Clay Stick Foundations. What do you do to help treat your skin during the day?

A Few Of My Favorite Unicorn Beauty Products

In the past year or so, the unicorn trend has really taken off. It seems like every cosmetic line has some type of product related to Unicorn Beauty. What’s not to love about the unicorn trend? Most of us love things that are shiny, sparkly, magical and inspirational. From make up to hair to clothing, the unicorn trend is all over the place these days! I didn’t realize how much I love things that are holographic until this trend became so huge. These are a few of my current favorite Unicorn Beauty products.

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lipstick. I don’t think I have ever encountered a lipstick flying off the shelves like this one! I went to Ulta a few times to get it and it was out of stock. It was even out of stock online! I finally purchased the lipstick a few weeks ago after months of trying to get it. It is absolutely beautiful and looks amazing in pictures. I am so pleased with my investment. It runs around $22 whether purchased from Too Faced Cosmetics or Ulta.



Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Unicorn Brushes. I am a HUGE fan of Tarte Cosmetics. When these brushes launched in March, I was so excited. They are so unique and fit right in with the unicorn trend. They can be purchased from Tarte or Sephora for around $39. The entire Make Believe in Yourself Collection is really beautiful in my opinion, especially the Eye and Cheek Palette.

How To Wake Up Those Tired Eyes!

How many times do you look in the mirror and notice how tired your eyes look? With work, stress, lack of sleep, allergies and other factors, your eyes can really show what you are going through and have going on. Luckily, there are some things you can do with your make up to help your tired eyes look more awake.

  1. Curl your eyelashes. Curling your eyelashes can make a big difference in making your eyes look more open and awake. Whether using a manual curler or electric one, you will see a difference.
  2. Use false lashes. Yes, everyone isn’t a fan of false lashes. However, if you really like them and have the time and skill to apply them it will definitely be worth it. It will make an even bigger difference than just curling your lashes.
  3. Use a white eyeliner pencil. A white eyeliner pencil can be your best friend when it comes to making your eyes look more awake. You can use it on the inner corner as a highlight and also on the inner rim to extend the white of your eye.  You can also use a metallic white or light colored eye shadow for the inner corner instead of the eyeliner pencil if you prefer.
  4. Use an eye product to decrease puffiness. There are many products out there to decrease puffiness such as eye creams, gels and rollers. Personally, I use the Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti- Puff Eye Roller.  This product contains caffeine, which helps with reducing inflammation. I use this before I apply my make up in the morning and have used it for years. It really helps with decreasing my under eye puffiness.  It runs around $12-13 dollars and can be found at Walmart, Target and Drug Stores. This eye roller lasts for several months (6-9 months for me) and I think it’s really worth the investment.

If you have any tips or tricks for brightening up your eyes and making them look more awake, please share.