Why The Sanitas Tea Tree Mask Helps With Breakouts

If you struggle with breakouts like I do, you have probably tried every product under the sun. As an Esthetician, I have learned that the most important ingredients to treat acne are salicylic acid, clay, sulfur and tea tree oil. Most products you purchase for acne only contain one of these ingredients, two if you are lucky. Sanitas is an amazing product line overall. Many of their products are aggressive and you really see fast results when using them. The Sanitas Tea Tree mask is the most amazing product I’ve used for acne so far. It includes 3 of the 4 acne fighting ingredients: salicylic acid, clay and tea tree oil. It can be used all over the face as a mask, which greatly helps for those with oily skin or as an on the spot treatment. I typically use it as an on the spot treatment. It’s fast drying and is great for reducing inflammation and healing acne. Be careful not to over use this product, or leave it on too long as it can make your skin become dry. This mask runs around $25- $30 depending where it’s purchased. The Sanitas product line is typically carried in salons, spas and Dermatologist offices, but can also be purchased on some online sites including Amazon. I highly recommend the Sanitas Tea Tree mask for those of you who struggle with oily skin and breakouts. I think you will be pleased with the results you get. If you have used this product, I’d like to hear about your experience with it.

Ole Henriksen

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