3 Reasons You Should Shave Your Face

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Shaving your face is only for guys right? Wrong! It can actually be really beneficial for women as well. Instead of continuing to buy expensive exfoliants, you can use a razor to get the same if not better results. I began doing this once a week about a year ago and I can say it has made a big difference in my skin. Here are 3 reasons you should start to shave your face.

  1. The razor acts as an exfoliant. I have used some excellent exfoliants over the years that I really loved. I absolutely love products and am always eager to try anything new. Over time, I realized how much money I was spending. When times were tough, I just couldn’t afford to keep buying expensive products. One thing most women always have on hand is a razor. Shaving your face will remove dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin, which is the same thing that your expensive exfoliant is doing.
  2. It helps products absorb better in the skin. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, this will allow your products to absorb much better into the skin. It also makes your skin much smoother to the touch. After I started to shave my face, I really noticed my products were working even better than before and how much smoother my face felt. Especially when it came to toners and moisturizers, there was a huge difference in product absorption. My make up also looked better than before.
  3. It helps control unwanted facial hair. It seems that by the time most women reach their 30’s, facial hair starts to become an unwanted battle. This is mainly due to hormonal changes, however some nationalities of women seem to struggle with excess and unwanted facial hair more than others. For me, being half Spanish, I have always had issues with excess hair and what seems like constant grooming. Since I started shaving my face, it gets rid of all the facial hair I don’t want, especially the peach fuzz on my lower cheeks and chin. It also helps with the excess hair around my eyebrows.

Please be careful if you decide to shave your face. If you are using a regular size razor, it’s really easy to accidently shave off your eyebrow! There are small facial razors you can purchase at any drug store or beauty supply store that are great for those small areas like between the brows and around the mouth. I highly recommend shaving your face to see what results you get. I think you will be surprised.

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Why is Kim Kardashian Such A Fashion And Beauty Trendsetter?


Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian. Whether you like her or not, she has become a fashion and beauty icon who has set today’s current trends. Just go on Instagram and look at pictures of fashion and make up. Everyone looks the same (like Kim): full lips, long, straight dark hair parted down the middle and curvy figures are embraced and accepted more than ever before. So why do so many people look up to Kim Kardashian and want to be like her? What is it about her that is so influential and desired to so many people?

Her Reality Show

Recently celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s has evolved like no other reality show. Let’s take a step back a minute. The Kardashians have been a well-known family in L.A. for years, especially because of their father Robert being a high profile attorney. When the show started in 2007, it revolved around Kim and her siblings, who weren’t really that well-known at the time. If you watch the show, you get to witness everything about their life: their family, friends, businesses, beauty makeovers, vacations, etc. It gives you a better understanding of their personal styles and you can see how they are so influential. I will watch re-runs for hours and find the show interesting, humorous and just plain fun to watch.

Kardashian Empire

Whether you like Kim or not, there is no denying the empire she has built. When her make up line KKW Beauty launched in June, she made approximately 14 million dollars in about 2 hours! I think that is beyond amazing! Her siblings have built empires for themselves as well. Each sister is independent, hard working and extremely motivated. I think they each have something unique to offer and are each an influencer in their own way.  In one episode of the show, Khloe talked about how they really owe their career success to Kim. You can consider Kim the gateway that helped her sisters become noticed and famous. She has provided them the opportunity to become successful which has helped them build their own empires. Together, they are an enormous force and that should be acknowledged whether you are a fan of them or not. I have great respect for anyone who works hard in achieving their goals and dreams.

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3 Reasons You Should Have Stitch Fix Styling Service

As time goes by, it seems that physically going to a store to shop and buy clothes is happening much less. With online shopping sky rocketing and our lives and schedules becoming busier and more hectic, it’s more difficult to make time to get out to a retail store. If you are someone who loves fashionable clothes and are too busy to shop for them, Stitch Fix styling service could be just what you need and here’s why…

  1. Convenience. Life continues to get busier and it’s hard to find time to do things for ourselves, even something as simple as buying a new piece of clothing. With Stitch Fix styling service, you don’t have to make time to go out and shop. The shopping is handled for you based on the style preferences you indicate. Clothing items will be shipped to you free of charge. I don’t think it gets more convenient than that!
  2. Fashionable Clothing. For those who feel they are not great at picking out clothing that is fashionable or trendy, you don’t have to worry. All clothing you receive will be current styles and trends so you can be confident that you will fit right in with what ever you are wearing. You won’t have to spend time trying to put outfits together or worry about how your clothes look on you.
  3. Personal Stylist. If you have always wanted to have a personal stylist, here is your chance! You will be assigned a stylist who will assemble your “fix” based on your style profile. Be as detailed as possible when you complete your profile so your stylist will have a good understanding about your lifestyle, personal style and fashion preferences. You will receive 5 items of clothing per “fix”.

You’re probably wondering how much all this will cost you! Stitch Fix charges a non-refundable styling fee of $20 for each “fix”. You choose how often you want deliveries. This fee will be credited toward any item from your shipment you decide to keep. Items in the shipment will vary in price and according to the Stitch Fix website, average around $55 per item. You can indicate how much you are willing to spend in your style profile. If you choose to buy all 5 items in your shipment, they will give you 25% off your total purchase. Depending on your lifestyle and how much you are willing to spend on clothing, Stitch Fix can be a great option for you. If you are interested in trying the service out, just click on the photo below!

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What I Thought Of My Arbonne Samples Bag

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Source: Arbonne Instagram

I wasn’t even aware of the brand Arbonne until my hair stylist mentioned it to me a few months ago. Just goes to show you how you are always learning new things in the beauty industry! Arbonne is similar to Avon and Mary Kay in the sense that you buy from a consultant, but I feel that Arbonne stands apart from the others due to having better quality products and all natural ingredients. I received a sample bag containing mascara, detox bath salts, and 3 products from the Clear Future Acne Treatment line. This is what I thought of each…

  1. Mascara– The 3 things I look for in a mascara are for it to be lengthening, thickening and clump-free. I was very happy this mascara didn’t clump and it also legnthened rather well. I do wish it thickened my lashes a little more, as my lashes are thinner now than they used to be. If you are someone who already has thick lashes, it will work especially great for you. Overall, I was happy with the results.
  2. Detox Bath Salts– I received a small portion of bath salts, around a hand full. I used half of them in a bath one night and the other half the next night. You probably should use them all in one bath, but I split them up because less is usually more with me. Both times after using them I did sleep a little better, was less achy and had a bit more energy. I would like to try these again in a larger quantity.
  3. Clear Future Acne Treatment–  This consisted of a Deep Pore Acne Cleanser, Corrective Acne Treatment Solution and Mattifying Acne Treatment Lotion. I used all three as my nightly skincare routine and went to bed. I did expect some mild flaking due to the main ingredient, salicylic acid in all 3 products. The next morning, I noticed my blemishes were noticeably smaller and healed up rather quickly. These products should be used based on how dry and/or flaky your skin gets. You can use one or all of them, so it’s important to monitor your skin daily to see how it responds.

Overall, I was pleased with the results I got from the Arbonne samples. I really like that Arbonne incorporates nutrition and wellness into their products and I feel this sets them apart from many other brands. If you are interested in trying Arbonne samples and/or purchasing their products, you can visit the website for my consultant, Sara Stroud.

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Why You May Not Have Heard Of Glo Skin Beauty

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Source: Glo Skin Beauty Instagram

After several years in the beauty industry, I still learn of new make up brands I didn’t know about. Most brands are big on marketing and have large campaigns (especially department store brands). The majority of companies think the more exposure the better and do everything they can to promote their products. There is one brand that is different in this aspect and it may be a brand you have never heard of: Glo Skin Beauty (formerly Glo Minerals).

When I first entered the beauty industry, I hadn’t heard of Glo Skin Beauty before and I found many others hadn’t either. The brand is more familiar to people in the industry, so the average person may not be aware or have access to their products. I was able to attend a few training sessions with Glo reps as a student and was able to learn and understand more about the brand and why so many people have not heard of them.

Glo Skin Beauty is a skin care and mineral make up brand which uses antioxidants and natural ingredients to treat and improve the skin. They have products for many skin concerns such as anti-aging, acne, sensitive skin and many others. Glo Skin Beauty puts a high value on their research and that is where they choose to invest a great deal of time and money. Many other brands are spending thousands on marketing campaigns and don’t focus as much on their research. Glo Skin Beauty feels that research is the most important thing to spend money on and that is what they do.

So how do people know about Glo Skin Beauty if they don’t advertise? How do they stay in business? Those were the questions asked the most in the training sessions I attended.  If you see a Glo Skin Beauty product mentioned in a publication, for example, it’s because a person (possibly a celebrity) or the publication decided to talk about it. It’s not a paid ad from the company.  Their products are carried in salons, spas, doctor offices and are promoted in publications, blogs, etc. The brand has built a large and loyal customer base from this approach. Personally, I have used Glo Skin Beauty for 5 years and have been pleased with the results. They have a diverse selection of products and have something for everyone. I highly recommend their skin care and make up!

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Wetnwild Beauty Midnight Mermaid Collection Launch

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Source: Wetnwildbeauty Instagram

As we transition into Fall, the Unicorn Beauty trend is still in full swing. However, there is a new trend emerging on it’s coat tails: Mermaid Beauty! There are now several products available for this hot new beauty trend! Recently launched on 8/14/17, is the Midnight Mermaid Collection by Wetnwild Beauty.

This popular drugstore brand has really stepped up and has come out with something so unique and creative! According to Wetnwild Beauty’s Instagram, the Midnight Mermaid Collection consists of: a highlighting bar, 4 metallic liquid eyeshadows, 3 metallic liquid eyeliners and 4 metallic liquid lipsticks. All items in the collection are holographic and bold looking. Jeffree Star did a great review and swatching of these products on his youtube channel. I highly recommend watching his video if you really want to see what the products are like before buying them. The highlighter looks amazing as well as the liquid eyeshadows!

The Midnight Mermaid Collection is available for purchase on the Wetnwild website, Ulta website and Walgreens. The products can be purchased individually as well as the entire collection for $34.99. If you like all the products, it’s a better value to purchase the entire collection. This collection is in high demand, so don’t wait! If you are someone who likes to have an edge and make a statement with your make up, the Midnight Mermaid Collection by Wetnwild Beauty is definitely for you!

Source: Wetnwildbeauty Instagram

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Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Collection Launch

Source: Tweezerman Instagram

This has been an amazing Summer of launches for Huda Beauty! Launched on July 10th in a collaboration with Tweezerman, the Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Collection became available on the Tweezerman website and Sephora stores according to Instagram. If you follow Huda Kattan on social media, you know that she is big on brow grooming, as her brows always look amazing! She also is a huge fan of Tweezerman tweezers and has used them for years. This collection is designed to groom your brows more quickly and efficiently. It also contains some vital tools to help you get the best brow look possible. So what’s in the collection and is it worth the price? According to the Tweezerman website, the Beauty Kit contains a slant tweezer, brow shaping scissors and brush, a 10x mirror and an adorable lip shaped bag. The collection is priced at $65, which is expensive, however I feel that Tweezerman and Huda Beauty both have such a high standard for quality that it would be worth the investment. Also, if you are someone who is into brow grooming, this would be a great purchase. Some items are also available for purchase individually if you don’t want to invest in the entire kit. As far as brow grooming goes, I can’t find or think of a better product or kit to use other than the Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Collection. Congrats to Tweezerman and Huda Beauty on their collaboration and on the launch of this amazing collection!

Source: Tweezerman Instagram

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Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Collection Launch

Source: Huda Beauty Instagram

Looks like Huda Beauty has another amazing product launch coming this Summer! According to their Instagram, the Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Collection will include 4 liquid matte shades and a 4 shade highlighter palette. This is a limited edition collection which features bright lip colors in shades of reds and pinks, as well as extremely unique highlighting shades such as purple. Talk about bold! These colors are amazing for someone who really wants to make a statement. Like her past collections, these shades seem to be versatile to be worn as everyday make up, or for a night out. Based on Instagram pictures, the colors look extremely pigmented and are absolutely beautiful! A launch date has yet to be released, but based on Instagram posts should be around the end of July. Save up your money for this exciting product launch! The Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Collection will not disappoint! I’ve yet to come across a price for this collection, but I have no doubt it will be worth the investment. I have purchased and use some of Huda Beauty’s products and I feel they are completely worth the investment and have great quality. If you follow Huda Kattan on social media, you know she is innovative, bold and always keeps things exciting. This woman is amazing!

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What You Can Do Right Now To Look Younger

We all want to look younger, at least the majority of us do. When it comes to looking younger, it’s been my experience a helpful thing to do is highlight. Not just your hair, but your face when applying make up. Ever since I started highlighting my hair over 10 years ago, I’ve had so many compliments on how much younger I look. I can say the same for others I know who highlight their hair. It really does take years off. Personally, I just do partial highlights in the front because I like the way they look against my face. For the face, there are certain areas you want to highlight. You can do all or some each time you apply your make up. There are all kinds of highlight kits, powders and sticks out there these days. Two great things to use are a powder and white eyeliner pencil. Use powder in the larger areas such as cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and an eyeliner pencil in smaller areas like cupid’s bow, inner corner of the eyes and below the eyebrow. You don’t have to highlight every area each time you do your make up. It’s all about the look you are going for and what you feel looks best on you.

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3 Things That Help With Naturally Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair like me, chances are you aren’t crazy about it and struggle with the daily challenge of straightening it, or just getting it into a decent hair style. This time of year, it’s even more of a struggle because of the Summer humidity. There are some products and tools you can use to help in dealing with curly hair, as well as some salon treatments that can be done.

Use a flat iron. I have tried several flat irons over the years, including many cheap ones ( I won’t name brands), but I must say the more expensive, the better results you will get. When it comes to flat irons, you do get what you pay for. I first purchased the Chi iron about 10 years ago from a local salon. It is what they used to straighten my hair and was the first time my hair ever got really straight from a flat iron. I’m on my 3rd Chi iron now (by choice) and I must say they have become even better over the years as well as cheaper. The first one I bought was around $200 and now they can be found for as low as $50-$75.  Using an oil such as argon or coconut oil from mid-length to ends while straightening your hair will help to condition it and add softness.

Get a keratin treatment. There are several keratin treatments out there including the Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout. Both of these treatments add keratin to the hair which helps improve the health of the hair as well as tames frizz and adds shine. Personally, I have had the Keratin Complex done a few times. It did help tame my frizz quite a bit. I did still have to use my flat iron to get my hair as straight as I like for it to be. It lasted a few months and then  gradually faded off my hair. I’ve yet to try the Brazilian Blowout, but would like to at some point. I have heard good things about it. Keratin treatments can average around $100 to $150 depending on the length of your hair and thickness.

Get a relaxer. I’m kind of programmed to feel a little fear when it comes to relaxers from my Cosmetology school days. The main difference in relaxers and keratin treatments is that relaxers are more damaging to the hair and have to grow off. With that being said, you will get the best results with straight hair doing a relaxer. Relaxers are used a lot on ethnic hair and greatly help in straightening hair that is unmanageable and extremely curly. I haven’t had a relaxer done before, but the thought has crossed my mind. Sodium Hydroxide is a popular relaxer used for these treatments, but can be very damaging to the hair. A newer type of relaxer, Japanese Straightening, is not quite as damaging. A friend of mine who had very curly hair had this relaxer done and she was really pleased with the results. Before doing a relaxer, a stylist will do a consultation with you and it’s extremely important to let them know your history of hair color, highlights and any other types of chemical treatments you’ve had in the past. Relaxers can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s important to choose the right one for you and even more important to find a great stylist to do it.

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